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Dr. Parveen S. Vahora, MD, FACOG

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Located in Trinity, FL


Connie Moler, APRN


Inspiring Women to Live Their Best Life by Providing Compassionate and Personalized Care


Our office is small, intimate, and welcoming. Women under our care are treated with the utmost respect, which means we offer personalized care: educating on conditions and treatment options as well as preventative measures. Our focus is on sexual health, and we’re proud to offer the MonaLisa Touch® for patients going through menopause as well as post-menopausal women, breast cancer survivors, and those suffering from pain during intercourse or intense dryness. We also offer genetic testing for breast, ovarian, and colon cancer. From birth control to robotic surgery, we’ve got you covered.

Our practice treats our patients as we would treat our own family, with the goal of keeping them healthy for many years to come, not just the short-term. We follow Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS®) protocols, which take a comprehensive look at all areas of the patient's journey through surgery and recovery, creating a well­-coordinated, team­-oriented approach to surgical care for better outcomes. Weaving this into our personalized care plans, we get patients back to their normal routines faster.

About Dr. Vahora

As a board­-certified, fellowship-­trained laparoscopic gynecological surgeon, Dr. Parveen Vahora takes care of the entire woman, from child-bearing years through menopause and elderly treatment. At her private practice, she made the deliberate decision to focus solely on gynecology in order to provide the highest quality of care, focusing on getting to know each of her patients on a personalized level to foster long­term relationships. Dr. Vahora believes there is more to a woman than her uterus, and she works to inspire women to live their best life by providing compassionate care.

Dr. Vahora completed a fellowship in laparoscopy and pelvic surgery at Celebration Health, Florida, after her OB/GYN residency at Drexel University. Having performed the first single­-site hysterectomy in North Pinellas County, she is highly acclaimed by her peers. She is loved by her patients because she truly listens to their thoughts and concerns. She was also the first physician in the area to offer patients the innovative MonaLisa Touch laser procedure. Dr. Vahora specializes in minimally invasive surgical techniques and adopts principles of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS), designed to achieve early recovery for patients undergoing major surgery.


What People Are Saying About Parveen s. Vahora, MD, FACOG

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    I love her and her bedside manner. It has been a positive experience! My husband thought she was very knowledgeable too. He is not easily fooled.


  • Review stars - general 5.png

    Recuperation was relatively easy and quick, there was no post-surgical bleeding...and her level of care and concern is above that of many doctors.


  • Review stars - general 5.png

    I have been going to Dr Vahora for about 6 years now. She is very knowledgeable and I trust her completely.


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    Time and time again I recommend her without hesitation. There should be more doctors like her. I am lucky to have such as skillful, successful, and learned doctor.

    Verified Patient

  • Review stars - general 5.png

    She is an amazing doctor that talks to you like a friend. Nothing ever feels awkward.

    Michelle B.

  • Review stars - general 5.png

    Excellent doctor. Straight shooter which I like. Awesome staff and facilities.

    Francis A.

  • Review stars - general 5.png

    Dr. V has done two Mona Lisa treatments for me & it just keeps getting better!

    Michelle P.

  • Review stars - general 5.png

    You are a team of professional caring women who have touched my life. I appreciate each of you!

    Michelle P.

  • Review stars - general 5.png

    She is very passionate about what she does.


  • Review stars - general 5.png

    She is an advocate for non-narcotic pain relief in her practice.

    Ashley T.

  • Review stars - general 5.png

    I love how there is no judgement or pressure! I highly recommend her!

    Phoebe R.

  • Review stars - general 5.png

    Her knowledge and attention is phenomenal.

    Michelle B.

  • Review stars - general 5.png

    Dr. Vahora and her staff are very helpful and patient. I had lots of questions and they were graceful and kind with the visit. THANK YOU!

    Laurean C.

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    Yearly Visit with Connie, who has recently just joined Dr. Vahora. She is a wonderful person & excellent clinician...

    Laura B.

  • Review stars - general 5.png

    I haven't had a wellness exam in a very long time and the staff was so nice and caring. And Connie was the best...

    Shari G.

Dr. Parveen S. Vahora is renowned for her minimally invasive solutions to a wide variety of women’s health issues. Her loyal patients travel far for her exceptional care and expertise, especially for minimally invasive surgery and the MonaLisa Touch® laser procedure, a painless and minimally invasive treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Dr. Vahora employs innovative

Our GynecologICAL Services in TRINITY, FL

MonaLisa Touch®

>As we age, every part of our bodies develops and changes. The vagina is no exception, and it is...

Laparoscopic Surgery

A minimally invasive surgical technique which results in shorter recovery periods, less pain, and less scarring.

Pelvic Pain

Dr. Vahora is highly trained in innovative approaches to relieving her patients from pelvic pain.

Robotic Surgery

With this technique, Dr. Vahora performed the first single-site hysterectomy in North Pinellas County, leaving no visible scar.

Hormone Therapy/Bio-Identical Hormones

We offer two types of hormone therapy, helping patients relieve symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

Other Sugeries

Patient visit our practice from far and wide to benefit from our renowned expertise in gynecologic procedures.

General Gynecology

From annual pap smears and cancer screenings to endometriosis and hormone therapy, our practice treats patients of all ages.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is a cutting-edge medical technique that looks at your unique genetic makeup and...


Most people are familiar with the basic concept of menopause, but not everyone knows that it can...

InsuranceS Accepted

We accept most health care insurance plans serving the majority of Americans. Please note that this is not a complete list of all our contracted insurance carriers.

If you have any questions about insurance, feel free to show us your insurance card. We'll work directly with the insurance company to find out what your options are, and be your advocated in making sure you get the most out of your coverage.


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