Incontinence? Emsella To The Rescue!

emsella for urinary incontinence

Incontinence is a common malady affecting both men and women of all ages. It’s embarrassing at any level. Whether it’s a small leak when you sneeze, laugh, or cough, or such strong sudden urges that it entails rushing to the bathroom, it’s annoying. And it can be especially troublesome when traveling.

According to the Urology Care Foundation, “a quarter to a third of men and women in the U.S. suffer from urinary incontinence.” Why is this? One reason is, it could be that the muscles in the bladder have weakened. This weakening could be the result of infections, kidney stones, or a number of other ailments. Or it could be the result of damage to the pelvic floor muscles from childbirth. In men it could be from an enlarged prostrate. Read more about this on our page Emsella Treatment for Men. Regardless of the reason behind it, incontinence can really put a damper on your lifestyle and needs to be addressed.

Thankfully there is a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical treatment available – Emsella. This state-of-the-art and first of its kind, FDA approved urinary incontinence treatment is taking the medical field by storm, and it’s available in our office. The beauty of this treatment is that it’s completely non-invasive, non-time consuming and it works!

What exactly is the Emsella treatment?

Each Emsella session uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology to stimulate your deep pelvic muscles. Sessions are equivalent to 12,000 Kegels! This focused stimulation aids in creating stronger muscles and, as a result, urinary control.

The beauty of Emsella is that it is completely pain free. The treatments last about 30 minutes discreetly in our office, and the only sensations you will experience are some tingling and muscle contractions. And as mentioned earlier, there is no down time! Treatments are normally a series of six visits. Dress comfortably and avoid having any metal on, including jewelry. And leave any electronic devices at home as the electromagnetic energy generated by the treatment can cause harm to them. (For more detailed information on Emsella, go to

The Emsella treatment works at any age. However, there are some conditions that should be discussed with your doctor before beginning treatment. Ailments such as heart disorders (including pacemakers), pregnancy, drug pumps or hemorrhagic conditions, may exclude you from treatment. Good advice is to always consult your doctor and include as much information as you can.

Contact us for more information about Emsella and urinary incontinence. There is hope!

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This information is not intended to be exhaustive nor should any discussion or opinions be construed as professional advice.  Should you have any questions or would like to discuss incontinence or frequent urination, please contact the staff at Parveen S. Vahora, MD.  We are here to help.