Virtual Visits – Ideal for Initial Consults and Second Opinions

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The results are in! Virtual appointments are a hit with patients for many reasons. First and foremost, patients can schedule their appointments at their convenience. This is especially appealing when it comes to initial consults. Think of it this way… you can discuss your overall health, ask questions, learn about procedures you are interested in as if you were meeting with the doctor in person, all from the comfort of your home or office. This is also ideal when seeking second opinions.

Virtual appointments (telemedicine) walk the patient through the details of upcoming exams or procedures. This gives the patient realistic expectations of what comes next. Studies have shown that 95 to 100% of patients are as satisfied with virtual appointments as they were with in-person ones. The reasons for this included decreased travel time, travel costs, decreased time away from school or work, as well as overall convenience.

A great example of an initial consult topic for women is the issue of vaginal tightening. You want to learn about both the surgical and non-surgical treatments. Treatments of interest are MonaLisa Touch and Emsella, which strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, restoring tone to your tissue, while increasing blood flow with the result being a tighter vagina. There are also other benefits to this treatment. For example, natural lubrication will increase and because the treatment strengthens bladder and urethra ligaments, you may find that urinary incontinence issues have been reduced.

Changes in the vagina laxity is not uncommon as every part of our body changes as we age. To learn more about the MonaLisa Touch procedure, you’ll find more detailed information on our website at

Virtual appointments can cover just about anything you might want to discuss with the doctor. From hormone treatments to pelvic pain, menopause, sexual desire concerns, or just general gynecology-related issues. Dr. Vahora offers telemedicine virtual appointments and has found it to be very beneficial. Give it a try!