Wellness/Annual Visits

It’s important to see a gynecologist at least once a year, even when you’re not experiencing any acute symptoms. For patients over 65 years, that number goes up to two visits a year. At this appointment, Dr. Vahora offers STD testing, bone density tests, pap smears, and a birth control review to make sure you’re using the most appropriate and comfortable birth control, suited to your lifestyle.

Using a mirror and a clear speculum, Dr. Vahora educates her patients throughout all phases of treatment by showing them—whether it be a well visit, a talk about menopause, or a post­surgery check­up. She also offers educational resources to help establish healthy routines, as well as instructions on how to do kegel exercises that will maintain proper bowel, bladder, and vaginal health.

You’ll receive a variety of sample products suited your interests or needs, as well as advice on sexual health and intimacy issues. Dr. Vahora’s office features a wide range of physical therapy tools for purchase or order, including Luna Beads and Lelo Brand physical therapy tools.

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