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Parveen S. Vahora, MD, FACOG - Trinity, FL

The MonaLisa Touch® is a game changer in the treatment of Vulvovaginal Atrophy that causes painful intimacy (dyspareunia). It’s a painless, minimally invasive laser treatment for vaginal revitalization. A gentle, medical laser delivers controlled energy to the vaginal tissue so cells make more collagen, promoting a return to vaginal and vulvar health.

Often, vaginal tissues become dry and very sensitive in women experiencing menopause or cancer treatments. MonaLisa Touch® offers a non-hormonal option for women who may not or cannot use vaginal estrogen therapy. MonaLisa Touch® also helps post-menopausal women, breast cancer survivors, and those suffering from pain during intercourse or intense dryness.

MonaLisa Touch® is a painless, in-office revitalization procedure which takes about five minutes. While specific treatment will depend on the individual patients’ needs, full treatment will usually involve three of these five-minute session, and often patients notice improvement after just the first one.

MonaLisa Touch® revitalization is appropriate for any woman who has gone through menopause, as well as those experiencing a change in vaginal health as a result of a hysterectomy or breast cancer treatments. Dr. Vahora's MonaLisa Touch® patients thrive under her expert care, her oldest patient being 89 years old.

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